The Spring Break Dilemma

spring break

With more than 7 weeks behind, students in America start feeling the pressure of assignments that have been accumulated and built up as massive pile of chaotic papers, books and notes  in the desk. There is no time for procrastination anymore, midterm exams are coming soon. What midterm means for many student is long nights in the library, smocking (awful) 7 Eleven coffee at any time of the day and burrito on-the-go. But for all students, midterms means SPRING BREAK, which turns out into SPRING BROKE!!!

For American students, the spring break is a lot more than a week off from school. It usually happens between the central weeks of March, following midterms week. Although also in Europe we have weeks off from school throughout the year, there is no such thing as the American Spring Break, a legitimate week where partying in exotic locations is almost a must. The question of these days in the library is “What are u doing for spring break, bud?” When asking this question you can either bump into the ultra-organized, full booked and planned kind of guy that makes you questioning  what you have been doing this whole time if you didn’t plan your spring break, or you can get an answer which repeat your question-and you feel much better than with the first guy.

During my long nights at the library (right? It’s midterm!), I have done a little investigation and found out that the clique of Spring Break in Cancun is real. People do go to Cancun, Mexico, as those from Jersey Shore-and maybe because they want to meet them. Cancun seems a fit for almost everyone: from the couple with the all-inclusive to the two guys looking for crazy party, to the Norwegian blond crew worried to get sunburn.

As far as I am concerned, I am still trying to break with the Cancun clique but…May 15th is coming soon and for sure you don’t want to be the only soul stuck in the mountains.


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