Racing Around The US

This eight ski resort track the principal racing destination of this season with Sierra Nevada College Eagles.

It was so much fun, I am looking forward for 2017 season!


Summer Break in College

savannaAs most of the colleges around the United States have already entered in the second half of the spring semester, students start to be concern about their grades and spend more time in the libraries. The energy to do so comes from the knowledge of having 6 to 7 weeks left and then it’s time for summer. But what does summer mean for students overseas?

Few things to point out beforehand. Summer break is a relatively long period off from school, that usually starts at the end of May and last till mid/late August, being therefore shifted earlier compared to the classic European “August holidays”.

It is a time where school is off in all its implications: no classes, no studying, no research paper. Nada de nada, unless you decide to take on some summer school. Unlike European summer break, the American break doesn’t trick you with tests or exams or deadline right after the break, and this give student an open three months to dedicate to their best passion or need or adventure that more often spice up the resume, outlining the personality of the self.

Steve, sophomore, decided to spend two months of his upcoming break far from the motherland, in South Africa, where he will be teaching English and Math to orphans. He will also spend time exploring the savanna and learning about the behavior of elephants, his favorite animals. “I couldn’t imagine not having a long summer break, or having to spend it studying for some exams. I always tried to do something productive with my two months and a half I have for break; I also worked a lot during summers and I was able to buy my Subi [very proud Subaru driver], but this year I want to do something different. I want to be useful for people that have less than us and explore a new continent,” says Steve. If not during college, when else will you be able to have three months off? Don’t try ask your boss or you will get a loud laugh.

So, Italian students, forget the Vacanze Romane and get involved in new experiences.

Tips from Ira Glass, an American Public radio personality and producer of This American Life, on audio and video making.

Video I

  • Start with an anecdote, a story in its pure essence, a momentum that helps even the most boring facts becoming compelling.
  • Raise question and answer them.
  • Moment of reflection, the “bigger something” why you are listening to the story, and flip back and forth among facts and moment of reflection that support them.

ira glass

Video II

  • It’s hard to find a creative, interesting stories, and it takes a lot of time- don’t give up!
  • Kill, abandon crap if what you are doing is boring or not interesting- Be ruthless!


Video III and IV

  • Good taste, helps you recognize if you are doing good.
  • Don’t stress every other word, talk normally like yourself, don’t try to imitate anybody you hear on TV or radio.
  • Interact with other people you are interviewing and leave the others space, don’t have too much of you talking and nothing on the other person or vice versa.