Tips from Ira Glass, an American Public radio personality and producer of This American Life, on audio and video making.

Video I

  • Start with an anecdote, a story in its pure essence, a momentum that helps even the most boring facts becoming compelling.
  • Raise question and answer them.
  • Moment of reflection, the “bigger something” why you are listening to the story, and flip back and forth among facts and moment of reflection that support them.

ira glass

Video II

  • It’s hard to find a creative, interesting stories, and it takes a lot of time- don’t give up!
  • Kill, abandon crap if what you are doing is boring or not interesting- Be ruthless!


Video III and IV

  • Good taste, helps you recognize if you are doing good.
  • Don’t stress every other word, talk normally like yourself, don’t try to imitate anybody you hear on TV or radio.
  • Interact with other people you are interviewing and leave the others space, don’t have too much of you talking and nothing on the other person or vice versa.



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