10 Things you Should Know Before Living in America

Moving to America has been a fun experience for me, but has sure taken some adjustments.
long road

  1. Don’t try to kiss on the chick everyone you meet- people think “What the heck does she want?”
  2. Give hugs, but not real hugs.
  3. When they ask you go for dinner at 6 p.m., yes, you didn’t misunderstand.
  4. You gotta love camping.
  5. You gotta love road trip- (hard not to love in this beautiful country!)
  6. When you see a dog, say “Good boy” with a honey voice
  7. The DMV is your worst enemy.
  8. Be friendly, very friendly, and nice to strangers.                                                8 Bis. And make sure you open the door for others.
  9. Use your honk moderately- Italian drivers are not appreciated.
  10. Don’t get weird when someone ask you on a date, although that word still sounds terrifying to me.

BTW, I am still working on some of these. (Number 9 still gets me..)


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