#Twitter – Why not?


Yes, even  the stone-age, tech (not very) savvy Italian joined another social network-this time is the turn of Twitter. For a Facebook-only user, Twitter was great add among the Apps, and of much more value than Facebook. I mean, they don’t compete in the same race, so it is unjust to announce a winner and a losers. The way I see Facebook at this point, after more than six years that my name is on that platform, is of something that helps me finding people that I lost touched with, or maybe that I have met in a specific situation or I don’t see every day and with whom I would like to keep in touch but I am not too close to text or call, or I simply don’t have the time to do so. For this purpose Facebook helps, although it’s tricky because it leaves you with the feeling of knowing about you friends’ life when in fact you don’t know anything. And this is frustrating. Plus, how much do you want to share about your life with your alleged friends? Sounds like a moral questions. And, realistically, you can’t be too serious on Facebook either, or trying to give the lesson of the day, every day. You don’t want to be that guy we all have on Facebook.

On the other hand, Twitter is much less of a life intruder and more of a life promoter. It informs you on news, and happenings around the world or in your community, and it’s extremely responsive to time. And the cool part about that is that it brings together a lot of different point of view about each topic or event through the use of #hashtags. I was amused by the GOP debates much more for what was going on Twitter than for the (repetitive at some point) debate.

The business side of Twitter is very interesting too.  It is a very powerful tool to reach specific segment. Through the use of @, you can address any account and your Tweet will appear in their page, along with the hashtags that, if wisely used, will bring viewers to your Tweet.

So, give it a try and Tweet what you are passionate about! And remember, get rid of the superfluous or Twitter will do it for you after the 140th character.


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