Blogging- my good start


My first experience with blogging was here, with AmericaniseMe. I was really new to the world of blogging; crazy to say in the XXI century but I have never followed a blog or even consider blogging as something fun, manageable and easy.

I won’t hide that it has been a little bit hard for me at the beginning. First of all, I was not familiar with the website WordPress and although pretty simple, it still needs some practice in order to produce some nice output and make the blog pleasant to the eyes of the reader. The first stage was also exciting for me because I got to choose an area of interest, or better, a slant for my blog and that made me think a lot. What do I have to say that is worth to share and is of importance? And more, what do I really know? I reflected a lot and I concluded that what I know the most is ski racing, which is what I have been doing for the past 18 years. But then my business spirit came up and I started to consider my target, in this context called audience. I realized how ski racing is such a small world made of experts and professional figures and I did not feel ready to share what I got yet. Moreover, ski racing means to me more than a hobby and my attachment to it is very strong and serious, and I wanted to have a more humorous.

Therefore, I decided to go with a broader topic which is supposed to look at my American experience in a funny way while still being hopefully insightful for people that found themselves in my same shoes, and I am not only talking about Italians studying in the United Stated but those who are dealing with a new culture and feel “different” or “weirdo.”

It is fun to have the freedom of matching written content with visual parts or interactive tasks such as my Google Maps.

I can now see and understand the potentials of blogging and I believe it will be useful for my future career as well as for my personal enjoyment.


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