Finals – the end of the school/diet

The American school system is quite different from the European’s, and this is no news so far. But how different is it, really? Well, in my experience I can say it is quite different. If I would bullet point you all the reasons my 300 words assignment would become a research paper; so I will focus only on the calendar of the year and the final exams. At Sierra Nevada College,  students are done with the academic year and ready for summer on May 11th. Though, early end, early start, on mid-August. But before this three months break there are FINALS. Forget the Monday and Wednesday’s exams at 11 like they do in Italy- boring. To make them interesting, the school has a system that plans a schedule that keeps you busy on the weekends- I case you didn’t have anything to do. With my six classes, I have personally experienced the most bizarre schedule for finals. My first meeting was on Friday, at three p.m., followed by a three hours-long finance exam starting at six. In between, I managed to run to Alibi, the local brewery, for a fun end-of-year journalism event. (And no, I didn’t have the guts of having a beer before crunching finance numbers. I limited myself to a delicious Kombucha). Exhausted, at nine p.m., I run to my bed and (try to) sleep; the following day, on Saturday, I will have an early start- eight o’clock, same room of the night before, same finance teacher, but this time is the turn of Economic Theory. I wonder if I should have just arranged a tent in the classroom.

Despite the rough start, here is the fun part. Final exams mark not only the end of the semester, but mostly, the end of your diet. There is a very pleasant culture of ending the class not only testing but also sharing food and beverages with the class. I started on a very good note, with homemade corn bread and chili, still warm. I moved on to tasty sandwiches with plenty of avocado, and a lot, a lot of cookies, sweets and popcorn. Not only professors brought goods, but also the Student Government Association held an ice cream study break, on Monday night, where they served ice cream with any topping you possibly wished. That was my dinner.

I have to admit that this made finals sweeter and less stressful, and I officially finished my second year on a good note.

PS: Look what I did on my first summer break day IMG_2332 (1)


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