My Multimedia Takeaway

My multimedia class at Sierra Nevada College has been a great experience for my development as a student and contributed in making me an  up-to-date employee who is entering the workforce soon.

I got to see different faces of journalism that I didn’t know existed. I grew up with the daily newspaper, Il Corriere della Sera, on the breakfast table every morning (and it’s still like that at my parent’s house). I found out how much more there is than the paper edition of the news or the television breaking news. From the three traditional mass media, radio, television and newspaper, I got to work with Twitter, WordPress, video editing, slideshow presentation, audio story. This thought me how easy it can be to reach audiences, if you only pick the right media. Depending on the situation, each media is more appropriate than others and knowing a little bit about each gives the journalist the tool for a greater success.

The saying that “a picture tells more than a thousand words” is true in many cases and through multimedia you can apply this concept thoroughly and make stories very appealing to a reader. Moreover, nowadays people read and work on their devices so technology can really make the process more fun by being interactive and eye-catching more than a newspaper.

I am still a big fan and supporter of papers- yes, I am very romantic and nostalgic- and I don’t mean to substitute them with exclusively multimedia materials. My opinion is that in some cases they are more appropriate to the subject and they can give a better and multi-sided view than having the paper as only source. The article by the New York Time, An Avalanche at Tunnel Creek is the milestone of a well-crafted multimedia piece. It is richer and gives much more information than anything could be written on paper. I am glad I opened my eyes on the multimedia world and I will benefit from it.


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